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Nimble Radiation-Pattern Antennas Using Agile Frequency Selective Surfaces.


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Niroo-Jazi, Mahmoud (2012). Nimble Radiation-Pattern Antennas Using Agile Frequency Selective Surfaces. Thèse. Québec, Université du Québec, Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Doctorat en télécommunications, 176 p.

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The synergy gained between frequency selective surfaces as partially reflective/transparent screens and reflector antennas is exploited to present a new class of reconfigurable antennas for tactical communication systems in this thesis. The potentials of frequency selective surfaces in creating controllable electromagnetic shutters are theoretically and experimentally explored to fully take advantages of them in increasing the functionality of traditional reflector antennas. The related transmission line models of the corresponding sheets are also extracted to interpret their electromagnetic responses. To control the scattering responses of these shutters, high frequency switches are precisely incorporated into their constructing periodic elements. The possible DC-biasing feed schemes of active elements are investigated and the relevant reconfiguration mechanisms dictated by these schemes are identified. Furthermore, the effect of required biasing feed lines on the transmission/reflection responses of screens is evaluated. The adverse effects of non-ideal active elements are also examined to elaborate the screens according to the desired transmission/reflection responses. In the proposed new class of multi-functional reconfigurable antennas, an appropriate radiation mechanism is utilized, and a simple design guideline based on the key principles of reflector antennas and frequency selective surfaces is presented. The designed planar frequency selective surfaces are applied in this radiation topology as a controllable electromagnetic window, and their performances are evaluated. The pros and cons of each antenna in providing different functionalities are investigated to emerge a new class of antenna called "Nimble-Antenna". Indeed, a nimble-antenna refers to an antenna with two functionalities, including sweeping its radiation over aIl azimuth angles and reconfiguring the antenna radiation-pattern between directionallomni-directional cases. In the final designed reconfigurable electromagnetic window, a hybrid technique is also applied to enhance the nimble antenna performances and extend the functionally of the proposed radiation topology across two different frequency bands. In this structure, the number of active elements and overall antenna size are also reduced compared to the other presented prototypes.

Type de document: Thèse Thèse
Directeur de mémoire/thèse: Denidni, Tayeb A.
Mots-clés libres: antennes; SSF; sans fil; tactiques
Centre: Centre Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications
Date de dépôt: 22 janv. 2013 16:40
Dernière modification: 16 mars 2016 13:42
URI: https://espace.inrs.ca/id/eprint/708

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