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Rosabal-Rodriguez, Maikel; Mounicou, Sandra; Hare, Landis et Campbell, Peter G. C. (2014). How are trace elements managed in the cells of Chaoborus larvae to avoid ill-effects? In: 35th Annual Meeting, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry - SETAC North America 2014, 9-13 novembre 2014, Vancouver, Canada.

Couture, Patrice; Campbell, Peter G. C.; Ponton, Dominic; Proulx, Isabelle et Rosabal-Rodriguez, Maikel (2013). Evidence of metal contamination in Lake Dasserat using yellow perch and other indicators. In: Lake Dasserat Workshop, 6-7 février 2013, Ottawa, Canada.

Campbell, Peter G. C.; Rosabal-Rodriguez, Maikel; Fortin, Claude et Hare, Landis (2013). Subcellular partitioning of non-essential metals (Cd, Ni) in aquatic species: comparisons between metals and across species. In: 96th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, 26-30 mai 2013, Québec, Canada.

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