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Does Policy Matter? Regional Planning Policy and the Location of Employment in the Ile-de-France


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Alvergne, Christel et Shearmur, Richard (2001). Does Policy Matter? Regional Planning Policy and the Location of Employment in the Ile-de-France Working Paper. Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Montréal.

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In this paper we propose to add a new dimension to the analysis, a dimension suggested by Shearmur and Coffey (2000) and Pfister et al (2000) but not elaborated upon: the role and possible influence of public policy. To do this we have chosen to study the Ile-de-France region. There are two principal reasons for this choice. First of all, this region is a "world city" (Beaverstock et al, 1999), and its geography is marked by high densities and historical continuities. In such a context, a wide variety of forces are at work (Sassen, 1991; 1998; Pfister et al, 2000), making the region of general interest in and of itself. Second, and to some extent in contradiction with the "world city" claim, regional policy in Ile-de-France has been strong and fairly stable over long periods (White, 1998): it is not only global market forces which have shaped the development of Paris. The role of markets and of agglomerative forces have been mediated, since the immediate post-war period, by the sustained intervention of public bodies. Rules and policies designed to constrain the location of economic activity have been implemented: regional plans, taxes, location permits, urban 'free zones', the deliberate creation of peripheral centres (villes nouvelles (new-towns), la Défense...). In this context, we feel that it is worthwhile to analyse the intra-metropolitan location of total employment and of producer services (PS) and FIRE (Finance Insurance and Real Estate) in order to assess the extent to which they have grown in areas focused upon by public policy.

Type de document: Monographie (Working Paper)
Mots-clés libres: urbanisation; expansion métropolitaine; politiques d'aménagement du territoire; activité économique; villes périphériques; politique publique
Centre: Centre Urbanisation Culture Société
Date de dépôt: 12 nov. 2020 21:20
Dernière modification: 12 nov. 2020 21:20
URI: https://espace.inrs.ca/id/eprint/9418

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