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The Institutionalization of Statistics on Science

Godin, Benoît (2013). The Institutionalization of Statistics on Science Revista Entornos , vol. 26 , nº 1. pp. 43-53.

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Statistics on science developed in three steps: emergence, institutionalization and internationalization. The first phase was the result of work by scientists like J. M. Cattell in the United States; the second was that of governments and their statistical bureaus; and the third was that of international organizations like the OECD and UNESCO. How can the transition from emergence to institutionalization be explained? By what route did the early statistics, and new ones, became official statistics? This paper looks at the experience of the United States, and documents the link between scientists’ individual efforts and institutionalized or official statistics via a scientific institution, namely the National Research Council. The Council continued Cattell’s work on directories as source of data and concepts for surveys of research, and added new ones, paving the way for governments and their statistical bureaus.

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