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Staphylococcal infection in hospital nurseries : influence of three different nursing techniques

Frappier-Davignon, Lise, Frappier, Armand et St-Pierre, Jacques (1959). Staphylococcal infection in hospital nurseries : influence of three different nursing techniques The Canadian Medical Association Journal , vol. 81 , nº 7. p. 531-537.

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We have personally conducted a field investigation in 26 hospitals distribued throughout most of the regions of the Province of Quebec to determine the prevalence of staphylococcal infection in the nurseries and the influence on these infections of three important points of infant-nursing techniques.

In 13 hospitals which fully met our requirements, out of 16,053 births reported during the year 1956, there were 201 cases of staphylococcal infection which occured in the nurseries, or an average incidence of 1.25% with a range of 0 to 4.7%, and that was during a period when epidemics had abated.

Layout and maintenance of the premises, space available for each infant, weraring of mask and gown, hierarchy and competence of the staff, method of examination of the infants by the physicians in prohibition of admission of visitors and physicians in the nurseries were factors that were similar in all the hospitals. The investigation was supplemented by a bacterioliogical study, the results of which will be published later. As the incidence of staphylococcus carriers was comparable in various nurseries with variable incidence of infection, this factor would not seem to have had much effect on the results reported here.

Our results clearly show that it makes no difference whether the infants are or are not bathed (with soap and water, oil, pHisoHex, alcohol) provided the infants do not leave the nursery and provided the nurses and nursemaids was their hands (soap, pHisoHex) before handling each infant. Mere dipping of the hands in a Dettol solution is equivalent to not washing them. On the contrary, it is far preferable to bath the infants if they are transferred out of and into the nursery and/or if the personnel do not scrub.

The influence of transferring the infants out of and into the nursery on the incidence of infection, which has been studied for the first time in the present investigation, may serve as a basis for a revision of the techniques followed in the care of infants in hospital nurseries as well as our other results which confirm reports published during the past few years.

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