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Study of the possible preventive effect of bcg against cancer in adults

Frappier-Davignon, Lise; Lavergne, Berthe et St-Pierre, Jacques (1977). Study of the possible preventive effect of bcg against cancer in adults In: BCG in Cancer Immunotherapy. Grune & Stratton, New York, pp. 323-327.

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Following an wearlier study on the preventive efgfect of BCg against leukemia in children, it was thought worthwhile to search for a similar effect against cancer in adults. The following criteria were deemed essential for population silection: 1) equal numbers of vaccinated and non-vaccinated subjects; 2) subjects old enough to give a sufficient number of cancer cases; 3) same age at vaccination; 4) homogeneous population as to age, sex and socio-economic factors. The only group of adults corresponding to our criteria was that of the 21, 451 nurses who graduated in the province of Quebec between 1952 and 1967. The analysis of the 8,500 questionnaires returned thus far is conclusive as to the feasibility of the study. A sufficient number of vaccinated and non-vaccinated subjects occurs in all age groups and the BCG vaccine was given at the two different periods, namely between 10-14 and 17-19 years of age. The expected number of cancer cases estiumated statisticall at 150 was also close enough since 120 cancer cases have aslready been reported in the first group of subjects. Moreover, 32 deaths by cancer were reported by schoolmates.

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