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Vaccination of infants with hpv-77-vaccines

Pavilanis, Vytautas, Chagnon, André, Davignon, Lise et Joncas, Jean (1969). Vaccination of infants with hpv-77-vaccines American Journal of Diseases of Children , vol. 118 , nº 2. p. 247-251.

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The high passage experimental live rubella virus vaccine, HPV-77, was inoculated to 24 instututionalized infants 5 to 12 months old; among them 19 had no detectable antibody and 5 had hemag-glutination-inhibiting (HI) antibidoes at low levels before vaccination. The vaccine was immunogenic in 16 (84.2%) of the 19 susceptible infants. Of the five sero-positive infants 5 months old, an age at which maternal antibodies may be present, one showed an increase of antibody titer. There were no symptoms observed which could be attributed to the vaccine. Despite pharyngeal shedding of virus in 27% of the vaccinated infants, there was no spread of infection to 16 control infants who lived in the isolation unit in intimate continuous contact with the vaccinated infants. Among the control infants, 12 susceptible infants were still seronegative after 70 days following inoculation, and 4 who had maternal HI antibodies showed a progressive decrease of antibody titers, and all were seronegative 70 days post-vaccination.

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