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Immunologic findings in healthy haitians in Montreal

Adrien, Alix, Desrosiers, Marcel, Davignon-Frappier, Lise, Spitzer, Walter O. et Dupuy, Jean-Marie (1985). Immunologic findings in healthy haitians in Montreal Canadian Medical Association Journal , vol. 133 , nº 5. p. 401-406.

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To investigate the occurrence of acquired immune deficiency syndrome in Haitians, a health status questionnaire was administered and selected studies of immune status done in a randomly chosen sample of 189 healthy adult Haitians living in Montreal. The study group was comparable to a large sample of Haitians in Montreal interviewed in the 1981 census with respect to age, sex, number of persons per household and year of immigration, but the proportion of currently married people in the study was larger (60.8% v. 42.6%). The results in the study group were compared with those in a sample of 189 non-Haitians matched for age, sex and neighbourhood of residence. Persons with known causes of impaired immune function were excluded. The participation rate was 87.5%. The study and control groups both reported few symptoms and chronic health problems and had comparable demographic data, including rate of employment and income. The mean total numbers of lymphocytes, OKT3 and OKT4 (helper) and OKT8 (suppressor) cells were significantly higher in the Haitians than in the controls, though still within normal limits. There was a borderline elevation of the lymphocyte response to phytohemagglutinin in the Haitians. The ratios of helper to suppressor T cells in the two groups were, however, not significantly different. The Haitians, in comparison with non-Haitians living in the same community, had no demonstrable abnormalities of cellular immune function.

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Mots-clés libres: cellule; cytotoxique; haitien; immunologie; inducteur; lymphocyte; montreal; okt3; okt4; okt8; phytohemagglutinine; sida
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