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The BCG strain: newer knowledge of its biology and identification

Frappier, Armand et Panisset, Maurice (1958). The BCG strain: newer knowledge of its biology and identification Canadian Medical Association Journal , vol. 78 , nº 2. pp. 103-108.

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The authors summarize the general biological study of the B.C.G. strain which they presented at the International Technical Conference on B.C.G. in Geneva in 1956.

They discuss the pros and cons of the homogeneity or heterogeneity of the B.C.G strain.

It seems (1) that man is a more sensitive index to B.C.G. vitality than are other animals; (2) that some well-controlled observations in man and newer experimental methods have disclosed a certain heterogeneity of the B.C.G. strain which had not and could not have been shown with the conventional methods employed in the days of Calmette.

The authors also propose a system of control and describe several methods that could be used not only to ascertain the safety identity and antigenicity of a B.C.G. strain or sub-strain, but also to attempt determination of its particular characteristics.

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