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Present knowledge and recent personal investigations on bcg daughter-strains

Frappier, Armand et Panisset, Maurice (1960). Present knowledge and recent personal investigations on bcg daughter-strains Revue canadienne de biologie , vol. 29 , nº 4. p. 449-466.

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As a continuation of the report to the Internationl Technical Conference on BCG (Geneva, 1956), recent literature on the comparison of various BCG daughter-strains is reviewed.

Conclusions of unpublished and personal in vitro genetic studies with four BCG daughter-strains are presented. These cultures were put through at least four usual transfer cycles on the original Calmette and Guérin culture media in order to free these cultures of the carry-over (properties of a phenotypic nature). The dissociants formula (spreading and non spreading colonies) was stable and homogeeous for the Canadian, Danish and Swedish daughter-strains. But the distinctive morphological, cultural and enzyme characteristics of each daughter-strain at the start of the experiment were found to be maintained throughout the culture cycles and in the various dissociants subjected to the same cycles. The studied properties, be they differential or not, would therefore appear to be referable to the genotype.

The Moreau daughter-strain showed some instability in its cultural dissociation formula under the action of the cycles and of desiccation. This formula does not yet seem to be completely integrated into the genotype. This daughter-strain was also differentiated as well as the other studied cultures, by the colony morphology on different media, by the cultural behavior on Sauton medium, and by certain enzymatic properties. Those last characteristics were maintained through all the four cycles and are therefore considered as genotypic in nature.

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