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Bcg strains : characteristics and relative efficacy

Frappier, Armand; Portelance, Vincent; St-Pierre, J. et Panisset, Maurice . Bcg strains : characteristics and relative efficacy In: Status of Immunization in Tuberculosis in 1971, 26-28 October 1971, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland.

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The definition and meaning of the terms strain and daughter-strain as applied to BCG are discussed. Results of an Interlaboratory Experiment joining 12 laboratories in the world in an attempt to classify four BCG daughter-strains as to their potency in animal are given. A good number of the results could be satistically analyzed and converged toward some charactterization of at least one daughter-strain. Comments are made on methods and criteria used for comparing BCG daughter-strains. Genotypic variation have occured in daughter-strains used by different laboratories. Variations would acquire pratical significance only if protective power in animal and mainly in man is seriously affected. The importance is stressed of establishing or strenghtening significant correlation in order to detect early changes in animals that could become reflectd in a man's protection. A bibliography is provided.

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