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Geothermal Potential of Northern Québec: A Regional Assessment.

Comeau, Félix-Antoine, Raymond, Jasmin, Malo, Michel, Dezayes, Chrystel et Carreau, Michel (2017). Geothermal Potential of Northern Québec: A Regional Assessment. Geothermal Resources Council Transactions , vol. 41 . p. 1076-1094.

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28 sites with geothermal data were compiled into three distinct geological provinces (Superior, Churchill and Grenville) of the Canadian Shield (Northern Québec) to better characterize their geothermal potential. Temperature profiles were created for each site to evaluate the geothermal resource at a depth of up to 5 km. Low average heat flow is observed of respectively 30.8, 32.1 and 34.4 mW/m² for the Grenville, Superior and Churchill geological provinces. After reviewing theoretical rock thermal conductivities, a distribution map of mean thermal conductivity of the Province of Québec was created to anticipate best and worst case scenarios for each geological province. Regions with a high thermal conductivity of the ground can be favorable to geothermal heat pump systems while a low thermal conductivity can be appropriate for thermal energy storage systems and deep direct use wells tapping warm aquifers with greater geothermal gradient.

Type de document: Article
Mots-clés libres: North; cold climate; Canadian Shield; heat flow temperature profile; deep geothermal resources
Centre: Centre Eau Terre Environnement
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