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Ultra-sonication application in biodiesel production from heterotrophic oleaginous microorganisms.

Chen, Jiaxin; Li, Ji; Zhang, Xiaolei; Tyagi, Rajeshwar Dayal et Dong, Wenyi (2018). Ultra-sonication application in biodiesel production from heterotrophic oleaginous microorganisms. Critical Reviews in Biotechnology , vol. 38 , nº 6. pp. 902-917. DOI: 10.1080/07388551.2017.1418733.

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Utilization of microbial oil for biodiesel production has gained growing interest due to the increase in prices and the shortage of the oils and fats traditionally used in biodiesel production. However, it is still in the laboratory study stage due to the high cost of production. Employing organic wastes as raw materials to grow heterotrophic oleaginous microorganisms for further lipid production to produce biodiesel has been predicted to be a promising method for reducing costs. However, there are many obstacles including the low biodegradability of organic wastes, low lipid accumulation capacity of heterotrophic oleaginous microorganisms while using organic wastes, a great dependence on a high-energy consumption approach for biomass harvesting, utilization of toxic organic solvents for lipid extraction, and large amount of methanol required in trans-esterification and in-situ trans-esterifications. Ultra-sonication as a green technology has been extensively utilized to enhance bio-product production from organic wastes. In this article, ultra-sonication applications in biodiesel production steps with heterotrophic oleaginous microorganisms have been reviewed, and its impact, potential, and limitations on the process have been discussed.

Type de document: Article
Mots-clés libres: biodiesel production; ultra-sonication; heterotrophic oleaginous microorganism; lipid extraction; in-situ trans-esterification; trans-esterification
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