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International Congress of Immunology

Vallières, Francis et Girard, Denis (2016). International Congress of Immunology In: Iternational Congress of Immunology 2016 - Immunotherapy: Harnessing the Power of the Immune System, 21–26 August 2016, Melbourne, Australia.

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The biological significance of the IL-21/IL-21R system in human myeloid cells, especially in monocytes/macrophages, is not well documented. Previously, we demonstrated that IL-21 enhances the ability of human monocytes and macrophages to phagocytose opsonized sheep erythrocytes by a Syk dependent mechanism. In the present study, we showed that IL-21 enhances FcR-mediated phagocytosis in human monocyte-like THP-1 cells and in GM-CSF monocyte-derived macrophages (HMDM). The ability of IL-21 to enhance FcR-mediated phagocytosis was not associated with an increased expression of CD16 (FcγRIII), CD32 (FcγRIIA) and CD64 (FcγRI) at the cell surface. IL-21 was found to activate ERK-1/2 and p38, Akt and Jak/STAT pathways in THP-1 cells and HMDM, as evidenced by its ability to increase phosphorylation levels of these proteins. Using a pharmacological approach, we demonstrated the importance of ERK-1/2, Akt and Jak/STAT activation in IL-21-induced phagocytosis. Moreover, IL-21was found to induce phagocytosis of zymosan by a ERK-1/2, Akt and Jak/STAT dependent mechanism. We also investigate the role of IL-21 in regulating other monocyte/macrophage functions, including cellular adhesion and protease secretion and found that it can induce adhesion of THP-1 cells onto the human endothelial hybrid cell line EA.hy 926. The importance of the different cell signaling pathways are currently under investigation in our laboratory. We conclude that IL-21 possesses important biological effects in mononuclear phagocyte cells. Therefore, future development of therapeutic strategies targeting the IL-21/IL-21R system should consider that monocyte and macrophage cell physiology could be affected by this system.

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Informations complémentaires: European Journal of Immunology 46 (suppl 1) 21–26 August 2016 4750
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