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Prenatal Maternal Stress Alters Placental Endocrine Functions in Sex Dependent Manner

St-Pierre, Joey, Laplante, David P., Elgbeili, Guillaume, King, Suzanne et Vaillancourt, Cathy (2016). Prenatal Maternal Stress Alters Placental Endocrine Functions in Sex Dependent Manner Reproductive Sciences , vol. 23 , nº Sup. 1. 155A. DOI: 10.1177/1933719116641257.

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INTRODUCTION: Prenatal Maternal stress (PNMS) is associated with reduced type 2 11 β - hydroxysteroid deshydrogenase (11 β -HSD2) and type 1 glucose transporter (GLUT1). Cortisol exerts its action by binding to glucocorticoid receptor alpha (GR- α ) that acts as a transcription factor. The enzyme 11 β -HSD2 protects the fetus from adverse cortisol levels from the mother by converting cortisol to inactive cortisone. This study aims to determine if the placenta mediates the effects of disaster-related PNMS (i.e., 2011 Queensland Flooding, Australia) on placental endocrine function. We hypothesize that: (i) Increased PNMS will be associated with lower placental 11 β -HSD2 gene expression which will be moderated by fetal sex; and (ii) Increased PNMS will be associated with a lower placental index (fetal weight to placental weight) which will be moderated by placental 11 β -HSD2, GLUT-1 and/or GR- α gene expression.

METHODS: We assessed the women’s level of objective hardship (i.e., events they experienced) and subjective distress (i.e., their psychological reaction to the flooding) shortly after the flooding. Placental villi (trophoblastic tissues) from 96 placentas were processed and samples flash frozen immediately after delivery. Gene expression was evaluated by RT-qPCR. Regression and moderation were used for statistical analyses.

RESULTS: Results indicate that a higher level of subjective distress is associated with greater 11 β -HSD2 gene expression in male fetuses and lower 11 β -HSD2 gene expression in female fetuses ( ∆ R 2 =0.074). Results also indicate that high levels of objective hardship coupled with high levels of 11 β -HSD2 gene expression (R 2 =0.092), low levels of GLUT-1 gene expression (R 2 =0,126), or low levels of GR- α gene expression (R 2 =0.117) is associated with higher placental index.

CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that disaster-related PNMS influences placental gene expression in a sex dependent manner. These changes in placental gene/protein expression demonstrate the different survival strategies of the feto-placental unit in case of PNMS depending on fetal sex.

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