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Pilot plant used for scale up experiments of wastewater treatment into value added products.


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Chabot, François; Yan, Song et Tyagi, Rajeshwar Dayal (2011). Pilot plant used for scale up experiments of wastewater treatment into value added products. In: 26e Congrès régional de l'Est du Canada de l'Association Canadienne sur la Qualité de l'Eau - ACQE 2011, 7 octobre 2011, Québec, Canada.

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This plant is designed to meet the challenges of process development dedicated to the use of residues to produce high value added products. It is developed with flexibility in mind as to the choice of substrates (conventional residues, industrial wastewater and synthetic media), microbial strains (known, genetically modified or new) and according to appropriate fabrication protocols. Its strategic orientations lie within the scope of the training of highly trained researchers and new initiatives of industrial research for sustainable development. This new facility is equipped with high tech instruments divided into two distinct fermentation lines. All equipments are food grade or better which enables us to work with many different types of substrates and for various purposes. Research carried out by our team includes biofertilizers, bioinsecticides, bioplastics, biodiesel and enzymes. Several pretreatments, formulation and purification steps can be carried out at the plant itself (Continuous centrifuge, spray dryer, freeze dryer, mixing tanks, ultrafiltration system, reverse osmosis, chromatography system, flow cytometer and hydrolyser). It also offers support from highly trained researchers for optimization of the process. The scale up can reach up to 1 500 L which can be centrifuged on site by a pharmaceutical grade continuous centrifuge. This article describes in details the equipment and services that are available at this pilot plant.

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