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Canadian Programme on the Environmental Impacts of Munition.

Thiboutot, Sonia; Ampleman, Guy; Brochu, Sylvie; Diaz, Emmanuela; Martel, Richard; Hawari, Jalal; Sunahara, Geoffrey I.; Walsh, Michael R. et Walsh, Marianne E. (2013). Canadian Programme on the Environmental Impacts of Munition. In: European Conference of Defence and the Environmenent - 1st European Conference of Defence and the Environment, 21 mai 2013, Helsinki, Finland.

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A large effort was dedicated in Canada over the last years on the characterization of military live fire training ranges for munitions residues and on the study of the environmental fate and ecotoxicological impacts of munitions constituents (MC). The patterns of contamination of each type of ranges, such as grenade or antitank ranges were identified and sampling guidance documents were published. The laboratory and large scale fate and transport of MC were assessed. Efforts were also made to define geological, hydrological and hydrogeological contexts of the major Army training ranges. Features such as the hydraulic head and the water quality, groundwater flow and direction were used to model the underlying aquifer. Attributes of each specific site were used to create vulnerability and hazard maps. The evaluation of the risk of aquifer contamination by military training activities was conducted by combining vulnerability and hazard maps. These maps will be used in Canada as range management tools to guide various decisions, such as new range location, current site relocation or range closure. All the information acquired over the last years allowed a deep understanding of the deposition, fate, toxicity and transport of MC. This paper will describe the Canadian approach towards understanding and minimizing the environmental footprint of munitions to support Forces readiness and the sustainable management of our ranges and training areas.

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