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Functional data analysis in hydrology.

Chebana, Fateh, Dabo-Niang, Sophie et Ouarda, Taha B. M. J. (2013). Functional data analysis in hydrology. In: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting - AGU 2013, 9-13 décembre 2013, San Francisco, États-Unis.

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River flow records are essential for the prevention of flood risks and the effective planning and management of water resources among other engineering activities. The graphical representation of the temporal variation of flow over a period of time constitutes a hydrograph. The latter is usually characterized by its peak, volume and duration. These features are considered jointly in order to take into account their dependence structure within multivariate hydrological frequency analysis (HFA). However, all these multivariate HFA approaches are based on the analysis of a limited number of characteristics and do not make use of the full information provided by the hydrograph. This talk is to propose to introduce a new framework for HFA using the hydrographs as curves to be functional data. In the context, called functional data analysis (FDA), the whole hydrograph is considered as one infinite-dimensional observation. The FDA context in HFA has a number of advantages. A number of functional tools are introduced and adapted to flood HFA with a focus on exploratory analysis. A real-world flood analysis case-study is considered.

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