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New Range Design and Mitigation methods for Sustainable Training.

Ampleman, Guy; Thiboutot, Sonia; Diaz, Emmanuela; Martel, Richard et Walsh, Michael R. (2013). New Range Design and Mitigation methods for Sustainable Training. In: European Conference of Defence and the Environmenent, 21 mai 2013, Helsinki, Finlande.

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For years, DRDC Valcartier has been involved in the understanding of the environmental impacts of live-fire training with munitions within military Range and Training Areas (RTAs). After the extensive characterization of most of the Canadian ranges and R&D projects aimed at understanding the fate and behaviour of energetic materials and their toxicity, issues related to specific military activities were identified. Over the course of our research, it was found that anti-tank range target areas and firing positions were highly contaminated by energetic materials and metals, that demolitions training ranges and grenades ranges showed significant RDX concentrations in the soils that resulted in groundwater contamination, that small arms stop butts and firing positions were heavily contaminated with lead, antimony and, propellant compounds. This paper will describe the efforts conducted to mitigate the negative impacts of training on military ranges through the use of innovative approaches developed by our research team. These approaches and new ways of designing ranges will be proposed to minimize or even remove impacts on the environment. New small-arms bullet catcher prototypes, two concepts for propellant burning tables, and a new design for demolitions and grenade ranges will be discussed.

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Mots-clés libres: entraînement militaire; base militaire; champs de tir; impacts environnementaux; Valcartier
Centre: Centre Eau Terre Environnement
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