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Environmental Hazards and Risks of Nanomaterials.

Hegde, Krishnamoorthy; Goswami, Rachna; Sarma, Saurabh Jyoti; Veeranki, Venkata Dasu; Brar, Satinder Kaur et Surampalli, Rao Y. (2015). Environmental Hazards and Risks of Nanomaterials. In: Nanomaterials in the Environment. American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA, pp. 357-382.

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This chapter focuses on the impact of nanotechnology and engineered nanoparticles on the environment and various hazard and risk assessment methods employed to tackle the potential hazards that nanoparticles can pose to the environment, ecosystems, and human health. Steps in risk assessment are recognizing and characterizing the hazards, establishing the link between dose and response for various endpoints, and predicting the probability of exposure. Further, more detailed risk assessments based on precise models of environmental exposure routes may be reserved for engineered nanomaterials found to be both persistent and toxic, or for high-exposure scenarios. Finally, finding answers to present challenges and using new and upcoming technologies/systems/methods would help to elucidate the toxicities of various nanomaterials and be beneficial to nanotechnology.

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Mots-clés libres: dangers environnementaux; nanoparticules; ingénierie
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