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Two-Dimensional hydrodynamic model of the St. Lawrence fluvial estuary.

Matte, Pascal, Secretan, Yves et Morin, Jean (2014). Two-Dimensional hydrodynamic model of the St. Lawrence fluvial estuary. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics - 7th International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics - RIVER FLOW 2014, 3-5 septembre 2014, Lausanne; Suisse.

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A Two-Dimensional (2D) non-stationary, high precision hydrodynamic model of the St. Lawrence fluvial estuary has been developed with the objective of providing detailed spatial description of the hydrodynamics in response to tidal and fluvial forcings. The model includes a drying-wetting component allowing water in intertidal areas to be cyclically stored and evacuated. The finite-element grid resolution is variable but averages to 50 m, with refinements down to 1 m. The model was calibrated using water level data from 28 tide gauges, yielding root-mean-square errors lower than 6 cm at stations upstream of Batiscan (rkm 199), inclusively. For stations downstream, the RMSE correspond to less than 5% of the local tidal ranges. Assimilation of the downstream boundary and calibration of the friction around the Orleans Island are being made to further reduce errors at the stations located downstream. To validate the model, cross-sectional water level and velocity data were collected along 13 transects, repeatedly surveyed during one complete tidal cycle (∼12h). The agreement between the model and the measurements is good, both in terms of synchronicity of the signals and reproducibility of the lateral patterns, notably the exchanges between the intertidal zones and the channel. This research provides for the first time a detailed 2D description of the tidal hydrodynamics of this complex region where knowledge is very limited. In this paper, the model is described, the calibration process is detailed and validation results are presented.

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Mots-clés libres: calibration; hydraulics; hydrodynamics; rivers; stream flow; tides; Wwater levels
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