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Waste Biomass: A Prospective Renewable Resource for Development of Bio-Based Economy/Processes.

Kaur, Surinder, Dhillon, Gurpreet Singh, Sarma, Saurabh Jyoti, Brar, Satinder Kaur, Misra, Kshipra et Oberoi, HarinderSingh (2014). Waste Biomass: A Prospective Renewable Resource for Development of Bio-Based Economy/Processes. In: Biotransformation of Waste Biomass into High Value Biochemicals. Springer, New York, p. 3-28. ISBN 978-1-4614-8004-4

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Although industrial revolution is an important factor governing the development of a country’s economy, but at the same time, the industrial activities have been also accompanied by problem of waste biomass. This commensurate with the increase in industrialization, urbanization, and population growth is leading to production of enormous quantities of industrial waste biomass that may cause environmental and health hazards. However, the increased awareness and desire for a healthy environment among people leads to the need for better ways of waste minimization and pollution prevention and better use of resources in achieving the required industrial and environmental standards. The present book deals specifically with the valorization of waste biomass to small-volume high-value biochemicals only. The products which are produced in bulk quantities, such as biofuels, some organic acids, hydrolytic enzymes, biogas, and other traditional products from waste biomass, are not discussed. In this context, the current chapter discusses the different sources, types, and nature of waste biomass. The chapter also provides overview of the different management strategies applied for the value addition of different types of waste biomass. The chapter will provide insights into the role of waste biomass resources for developing bio-based economy/processes for industrial biotechnology and renewable energy in supporting sustainable development and economic competitiveness.

Type de document: Chapitre de livre
Mots-clés libres: switch grass; lignocellulosic biomass; crude glycerol; nonrenewable resource; apple pomace
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