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Modified TiO₂ For Environmental Photocatalytic Applications: A Review.

Daghrir, Rimeh; Drogui, Patrick et Robert, Didier (2013). Modified TiO₂ For Environmental Photocatalytic Applications: A Review. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research , vol. 52 , nº 10. pp. 3581-3599. DOI: 10.1021/ie303468t.

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This paper summarizes recent research dealing with development of titanium dioxide (TiO₂) used for environmental applications. TiO₂ plays the most important role owing to its excellent chemical and physical properties. However, the TiO₂ band edge lies in the UV region that makes them inactive under visible irradiation. In this regard, considerable efforts have been made to increase the visible light activity of TiO₂ via the modification of its electronic and optical properties. Doping TiO₂ using either anions or cations is one of the typical approaches that has been largely applied. Coupling TiO₂ with a narrow bad gap semiconductor (MxOy/TiO₂ or MxSy/TiO₂) represents another approach. This work aims to encompass the new progress of TiO₂ for an efficient application in water and wastewater treatment under visible light, emphasizes the future trends of TiO₂ in the environment, and suggests new research directions, including preparation aspects for the development of this promising material.

Type de document: Article
Mots-clés libres: chemical and physical properties; electronic and optical properties; environmental applications; photocatalytic application; recent researches; visible irradiation; visible-light activity; water and wastewater treatments
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