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Enhanced Fumaric Acid Production from Brewery Wastewater by Immobilization Technique.

Das, Ratul Kumar; Brar, Satinder Kaur et Verma, Mausam P. (2015). Enhanced Fumaric Acid Production from Brewery Wastewater by Immobilization Technique. Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology , vol. 90 , nº 8. pp. 1473-1479. DOI: 10.1002/jctb.4455.

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Background Enhanced fumaric acid production by immobilization of filamentous fungal strains on different solid supports has been reported previously. However, the carbon rich agro-industrial waste biomass ‘brewery wastewater’ as fermentation medium and muslin cloth as immobilizing device for the fungal strain Rhizopus oryzae 1526 have never been investigated before. In the present research work, enhanced production of fumaric acid by immobilization technique was carried out with a novel combination of fermentation medium, immobilization device and fungal strain. Results Muslin cloth area of 25 cm2 and 1.5x106 per mL spore concentration were found to be optimized for the highest production of fumaric acid. Production level and volumetric productivity of fumaric acid were markedly increased from 30.56 ± 1.40 to 43.67 ± 0.32 g/L and 0.424 to 1.21 g/L h for immobilized submerged fermentation as compared to free-cell fermentation respectively. However, the specific fumaric acid production rates for free-cell and 25 cm2 muslin cloths were found to be comparable (3.39 and 3.49 gg−1 h−1 respectively). Scanning electron microscopic studies of the immobilized fungus confirmed the good attachment of the fungal hyphae on muslin cloths. Conclusion The results demonstrated that brewery wastewater and muslin cloth could be used for the enhanced production of fumaric acid through submerged fermentation.

Type de document: Article
Mots-clés libres: fumaric acid; brewery wastewater; muslin cloth; immobilization;productivity; scanning electron microscope
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Dernière modification: 23 avr. 2018 13:32
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