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Le virus de la stomatite vésiculaire dans la lutte contre le cancer


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Janelle, Valérie, Poliquin, Laurent et Lamarre, Alain (2013). Le virus de la stomatite vésiculaire dans la lutte contre le cancer Médecine sciences : M/S , vol. 29 , nº 2. p. 175-82. DOI: 10.1051/medsci/2013292015.

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Cancer is a complex disease that affects more and more people around the world. Unfortunately, existing treatments are only partially efficient and often induce major side effects. Thus, the use of viruses to selectively kill cancer cells is a new promising therapeutic approach. Recently, VSV has been used in oncolytic virotherapy because of its capacity to preferentially infect most human tumor cells. However, despite the availability of good oncolytic VSV mutants, the large variability of tumor cell types and the multiple ways in which they can evade viral infection suggests that therapeutic combinations of various viruses will be necessary to efficiently treat most cancers. A better understanding of the infection mechanisms and immune system recruitment by oncolytic viruses will be of great value for the development of safe and efficient strategies for cancer treatment.

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