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Development of bioactive coatings based on γ-irradiated proteins to preserve strawberries

Vu, Khanh Dang; Hollingsworth, Robert G.; Salmieri, Stéphane; Takala, Perlette N. et Lacroix, Monique ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2042-4033 (2012). Development of bioactive coatings based on γ-irradiated proteins to preserve strawberries Radiation Physics and Chemistry , vol. 81 , nº 8. pp. 1211-1214. DOI: 10.1016/j.radphyschem.2011.11.071.

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Gamma irradn. was applied for creating cross-linked proteins to enhance the physicochem. properties of edible films made of calcium caseinate, whey protein isolate and glycerol. The characteristics of γ irradiated cross-linked proteins were analyzed by Fourier Transform IR spectroscopy. A second deriv. spectra exhibited changes in band intensities that were correlated to an increase of β-sheet structure and a decrease of α-helix and unordered fractions of γ irradiated-cross-linked proteins as compared to the control without irradn. Furthermore, on addn. of methylcellulose to the irradiated protein matrix it was found that it has potential in enhancing the puncture strength and has no detrimental effect on water vapor permeability of protein based films. Finally, these film formulations were used as bioactive edible coatings contg. natural antimicrobial agents (limonene and peppermint) to preserve the shelf life of fresh strawberries during storage. The bioactive coatings contg. peppermint was found to be more efficient as preserving coatings than the formulations contg. limonene. Irradiated proteins/methylcellulose/peppermint formulation had only 40% of decay at day 8 while it was 65% for the control.

Type de document: Article
Mots-clés libres: Gamma irradiation; Bioactive coating; Antimicrobial agents; Preservation; Strawberries
Centre: Centre INRS-Institut Armand Frappier
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Dernière modification: 09 mars 2024 21:51
URI: https://espace.inrs.ca/id/eprint/14106

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