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Women from Favelas and (The Other) Popular Feminism

Rogéria de Andrade Nunes, Nilza et Veillette, Anne-Marie (2022). Women from Favelas and (The Other) Popular Feminism Revista Estudos Feministas, Florianópolis , vol. 30 , nº 1. DOI: 10.1590/1806-9584-2022v30n175556.

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This article aims to introduce and expand on the concept of popular feminism in Latin America based on the case of women from the favelas who are recognized for their social and political activism. To this end, we will start from feminist and decolonial epistemologies that enable us to recognize the resistances generally made invisible by the coloniality of gender and often ignored by hegemonic feminism. Methodologically, this study is based on qualitative research in which interviews were conducted with 110 women in 105 favelas throughout Rio de Janeiro. We rely mainly on their answers to the question about whether or not they consider themselves to be feminists and why. As such, we propose an expanded definition of popular feminism that is characterized by the specific subjectivity of these women, their networking, a radical commitment to the favela, and a differentiated temporality of action in the city.

Type de document: Article
Mots-clés libres: Femme; favela; militantisme; militante; féminisme populaire
Centre: Centre Urbanisation Culture Société
Date de dépôt: 17 mars 2023 19:36
Dernière modification: 17 mars 2023 19:36
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