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The gospel of “We the North” or how to build an AI hub outside of the U.S.

Roberge, Jonathan ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9282-5218 et Senneville, Marius . The gospel of “We the North” or how to build an AI hub outside of the U.S. In: The 21st Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers, 27-31 octobre 2020, En ligne.

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When, in 2019, a first Canadian team rose to win an NBA championship (the Toronto Raptors), it was accompanied by this novel slogan and sense of pride: “We the North”. By itself, such motto is surprising as it indicates a strong, yet diffuse identity where the city and the country are replaced by a powerful, if hard to describe “way of life”. A similar phenomenon can be observed with the emergence of the no-less widely adopted call for a “Sillicon Valley of the North”. Indeed, Toronto and Montreal have both seen artificial intelligence (AI) hubs emerged around star researchers like Geoffrey Hinton (UofT)and Yoshua Bengio (UdM) and the subsequent interest of companies like Google, Samsung and Uber to leverage Canada’s noted availability of machine learning (ML) specialists (Metz, 2017b). Figuring howand whythis decentering of technological development away from California was made possible requires to focus on the relevant entrepreneurial and institutional translators as well as their symbolical and material resources. Because many of these developments and strategies rest on the unchallenged assumption that AI is a force for the “betterment of humankind”, their impacts, including on Canadian culture and society, have yet to be fully investigated (Roberge et al., 2019).

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