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Trace gases shaping soil microbial communities functionning

de la Porte, Anne; Yergeau, Étienne et Constant, Philippe ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2739-2801 . Trace gases shaping soil microbial communities functionning In: Congrès du Centre de la Science du Québec (CSBQ), 14-16 décembre 2020, virtuel.

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Tropospheric trace gases concentrations are greatly regulated by soil bacteria consumption, which in turns have a tremendous impact on Earth’s climate. Hence, gaining knowledge about the ecophysiology of these bacteria, regarding various soil conditions as well as varying gas exposures is of great importance. Here we investigate the response of microbial communities from two different soils to higher concentrations (e.g. 500 parts per million by volume, ppmv) of hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO) and methane (CH4), investigated through independant incubations under dynamic atmospheres (e.g. under continuous gaz flux). The results presented here show the response of specific gas oxidation activities (e.g. H2, CO and CH4 oxidation activities), the soil carbon dioxide (CO2) production, the impacts on community level carbon utilization profiles, as well as the specific quantification of funtional marker genes for gas oxidation. The CO2 production data, as well as the community level carbon utilization profiles strongly indicate that the activation of the gas-oxidation guilds is accompanied with a priming effect, allowing the overall community to express new functions in the soil in response to this new energy input in the form of gases. These data are finally related with others investigations using an original methodology to spatially follow gases in soil, in which the impact of two local emission points of H2 and CO have been studied through time and where can be observed a shrinking of the diffusion gradient in soil in response to bacterial oxidation activation.

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