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Do local factors explain local employment growth? Evidence from Canada 1971-2001

Shearmur, Richard et Polèse, Mario (2007). Do local factors explain local employment growth? Evidence from Canada 1971-2001 Regional Studies , vol. 41 , nº 4. pp. 453-471. DOI: 10.1080/00343400600928269.

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Why does employment grow in one region and not in another? This basic question underpins a substantial proportion of research in regional science and economic geography, and a wide variety of approaches have been deployed to explore it. These approaches can be divided into two broad and complementary categories. On the one hand, large-scale processes such as agglomeration economies, the concentration of high-order functions, access to markets, and cost-minimizing behaviour have been called upon to explain the patterns. On the other hand, detailed examination of the characteristics of each region has been undertaken: employment growth has been attributed to the presence in growing regions of certain factors. This paper presents a simple model of regional employment growth that draws upon the two approaches. It is concluded that the paper's model is a good predictor of employment growth across Canada, and that both local (endogenous) and structural (exogenous) factors retain significant explanatory power, though in most periods it is structural factors that dominate. The effect of these factors on employment growth varies across time periods and is scale-dependent; therefore, even though the model can account adequately for employment growth across space, it serves to emphasize that there is no straightforward and unique approach to employment creation and retention at the local level.

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Mots-clés libres: canada; emploi; développement endogène; croissance régionale
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