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Imprint of the Pacific decadal oscillation on the Western Canadian Arctic climate.


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Lapointe, François; Francus, Pierre; Vuille, Mathias; Jenny, Jean-Philippe . Imprint of the Pacific decadal oscillation on the Western Canadian Arctic climate. In: Congrès Eau terre environnement, 4-6 novembre 2016, Québec, Canada.

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It is well established that the Arctic strongly influences the global climate through positive feedback processes, one of the most effective being the decrease in sea-ice extent (Cohen et al. 2014, Screen and Simmonds 2010). Understanding the internal mechanisms forcing the climate variability of this region is thus a prerequisite to better forecast future global climate variations. Here, sedimentological evidence from an annually laminated record highlights that the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) has been a persistent regulator of the regional climate in the Western Canadian Arctic since the past 700 years. Annual varve thickness from East Lake at Cape Bounty, Melville Island, is negatively correlated to the PDO indexes (Mantua et al. 1997, MacDonald and Case 2005, Gedalof and Smith 2001, D’Arrigo et al. 2001) throughout most of the last 700 years, suggesting drier conditions during high PDO phases, and vice-versa. This is in agreement with known regional teleconnections whereby PDO indexes are negatively and positively correlated to pre cipitation and mean sea level pressure, respectively. These climate anomalies projecting onto the PDO- (NPI+) phase are key factors in enhancing evaporation and subsequent precipitation in this region. As projected sea-ice loss will contribute to enhanced future warming in the Arctic, future negative phases of the PDO (or NPI+) will likely ast as amplifiers of this positive feedback.

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